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Abbey Pleviak

Abbey is a clown, musician, and producer of film and theater.  She is a classically-trained flutist who has studied clown in the methods of Pochinko, Lecoq, and the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army.  She is chair of the Portland Shambhala Dharma Arts Council and an organizer of the Stumptown Clown Collective.

Philip Van Scotter

Philip is an actor, filmmaker, and composer.

He is a self-taught musician who composes for theater and film. His film projects explore the art of silent cinema—a musical playground for physical comedy and storytelling. Over the years he has fronted rock bands, acted in stage plays, and has served as musical director for ensemble-created theater productions.

Chico Patrick Pleviak

Chico was born on Sacromonte in Granada, Spain in 2004.  When he and Abbey encountered each other on the 4th of July, their lifelong  partnership began.

While no aficionado of obedience training, his natural expressive capabilities charm the silver screen.

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